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A strong Haitian Diaspora requires a unified group of passionate and dedicated individuals coming together to work towards a shared vision and common goals. For TDG, that is creating prosperity for Haitians, and helping to raise their quality of life. To do this, we need strong and successful companies that create meaningful jobs, that care and value their people, and that safeguards the environment and our planet.

We have a tall order ahead, and the following core principles will help guide our actions:

1. Be the leader in our field and a model of job creation.

2. Be a company that maintains high professionalism, and values mutual respect, courtesy and partnership.

3. Be our customer’s preferred supplier of trustworthy, dependable services in Haiti.

4. Provide services that value and reward our Haitian employees with competitive wages.

5. Adopt environmentally friendly and energy-efficient business practices.

6. Relentlessly improve our products.

7. Maintain a team that reflects global backgrounds and experiences.

8. Have fun and help improve as many Haitian lives as possible.

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Marcel Wah, Dr. Marjorie Brennan, Jean-Robert Anantua, Raymond

January 6, 2012
State of Maryland

3 Potomac Street, Suite 2
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