About TDG

The Diaspora Group (TDG) is a Haitian Diaspora-led investment and development company. TDG implements creative investments solutions to create jobs and to raise the quality of life of Haitians, while benefiting the company’s investors. We seek to develop a corporate culture based on social business ideals, focusing first on the creation of jobs, helping to reduce poverty through creative investments, and not simply a company that exists to enrich its investors.

TDG also aims to follow the ideals of the human development model thought by Mahbub ul Haq, who was a Pakistani economist and former governor of the IMF and director of policy planning at the World Bank. Mr. ul Haq was best known for the creation in 1990 of the Human Development Index. In regards to development, Mr. ul Haq said the following:

“I have struggled for a long time with the concept and practice of development… Emerging from the Western citadels of learning–Cambridge, Yale, Harvard–in the 50?s, I was armed with the firm neoclassical conviction that the real purpose of development was to increase national income… There is widespread consensus today that the purpose of development is not just to enlarge incomes but to enlarge people’s choices, and that these choices extend to a decent education, good health, political freedom, cultural identity, personal security, community participation, environmental security and many other areas of human well-being.”

“A link between growth and human lives must be created through conscious national planning.”

The foundation of TDG lies with the Haitian Diaspora. We aim to engage in the development purpose summarized above by Mr. ul Haq. With millions of Haitians in the Diaspora, and countless numbers of Friends of Haiti, TDG offers you an excellent opportunity to become actively, or passively, involved in the development of Haiti by investing in socially-responsible businesses.

With our collective efforts and investments, both in Haiti and abroad, we can achieve great things. Our vision is simple–We want to Create a Prosperous Haiti. Our energies, imagination, and unwavering commitments are our strengths. As an investor and network member of TDG, we will acquire both affluence and influence, a recipe for impacting change in Haiti and in the communities we live in, as well as having our voices heard.

With our combined capital to invest in socially-responsible businesses, coupled with an effective plan of action, flawless implementation, and total-quality management, much is possible for our future and the future of Haiti.

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Marcel Wah, Dr. Marjorie Brennan, Jean-Robert Anantua, Raymond

January 6, 2012
State of Maryland

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